Training / Coaching

A shift in mindsets and behaviours

Sustaining a transformation requires a shift in mindsets and behaviours. Sondertec exists to enable this for individuals and the collective for each of the important phases of a Transformation

Whether you are a large Enterprise organisation about to embark on a Transformation, have already started or whether you are a start-up looking for your first hire or experiencing growing pains associated with maturing processes we are to help.

The following eight units form the full program available for clients to run in-house or for candidates to attend as part of our hiring process. We run these units in a variety of sessions from two hour online to full weekend events and can tailor these as required.

Business Context of Emotional and Social Intelligence

Create a compelling understanding of the importance of EI and SI for your success in business/ organisational life.

Provide a base of research evidence for business outcomes linked to EI, SI and provide practice in crafting a way of communicating this effectively.

Connect Emotional Quotient and Social Quotient to strategic planning, performance reporting and career development systems within your organisation.

Emotional Acuity & Speaking from ‘I’

Locate emotions as central to individual and team effectiveness and functioning.

Provide practice and experience of differentiating emotional states.

Practice taking responsibility for your own emotional state and expressing it in a non-confrontational way.

Empathic Listening

Provide scientific rationale for practicing empathy in the workplace.

Understand how empathic listening deepens trust and collaboration.

Understand brain state levels of communication.

We provide guided skills-practice in improving your empathic listening skills.

Immunity to Change

Understand what gets in the way of showing up more fully in work contexts.

Become aware of your language of disempowerment.

Practice moving your language (and behaviour) to one of empowerment & responsibility.

Team Engagement

Integrate 2 social languages for greater cohesion and effectiveness into your business context.

Provide practice in formulating positive public regard for use in squad coaching situations.

Practice in creating a social contract and beginning that process in this Coaching Community of Practice.

Team Conflict

Among self-managing squad members, between squads, and between service owners, disagreements, conflicts, and different judgements about performance will exist; these need to be constructively and creatively handled.

Guided exploration of how you’ve experienced conflictual situations and what your triggers might be.

Deconstructive enquiry is a mind-set and behavioural tool that helps people operate more constructively and creatively; it allows people to have conversations about performance in a way that isn’t about power or politics.

Stakeholder Relationships

Covers research that articulates the widening gap between complexity and capability resulting in a ‘complexity crises’ and why decision making is more critical in solving this issue.

Covers a more considered process for collaborative decision making which is neither consensual nor autocratic.

We also cover a methodology and process for mapping stakeholders that utilises EI and SI that improves business outcomes.

On-going Development

Help you understand the significance of “vertical development” on organisational performance.

Provide you a sense of your own vertical developmental stage and understand how that could likely interact with same and other stages.

Bring awareness to the stages of adult development most likely encountered in organisations and how to best engage with each stage for maximum performance.

Provide you with a developmental path and some practical actions for consolidating or transitioning levels.

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