The Client Experience

Need DevOps or Agile talent with the right Mindset?

Sondertec are experts in the recruitment of world class DevOps and Agile practitioners whether permanent or contract. We work with start-ups and scale-ups through to Government and Enterprise organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

How we work?

We believe true partnerships, with transparency and trust are key to finding the right talent for our clients. We have created a deep dive process that ensures we understand your business, the direction you are going in, how your teams interact, the culture and values to establish the kind of candidate you really need to quickly contribute to a team.

We work hard not just to tick all the boxes you need but we also work to find people that really FIT your organisation in 3 ways

  • Values fit
  • Culture Fit
  • Tech Fit

Who do we work with?

At Sondertec we have a particular passion for Sustainability and believe we can make a difference in our small corner of the universe through recruitment. That’s why we choose to work with ethical companies who are contributing to our local and global communities.

We work for the good humans that are helping to build our future. DevOps and Agile practitioners who love what they do and care about people and planet … like us.

Our candidate hiring process

Our goal is to create an unrivalled client experience that not only finds the right person for your team but also provides an ongoing coaching program that helps your new hire upskill in an emerging gap in the market. This ensures they can quickly contribute in their new role and builds a strong foundation for their ongoing work.

1. Initial discussion

We interview every candidate so we understand what role they are looking for next, where they want to be going in their career and what’s important to them.

2. Present CV

Once we have agreed that our candidate could be a good fit we will present their CV and include comprehensive notes against pre-defined requirements. This helps you to get a more holistic view of the candidate and their potential to fit into your team.

3. Pre-interview coaching

When the interview is scheduled, we book a pre-interview meeting with our candidate to ensure they are well prepared. We test them on their research of your company and understanding of the job description. This saves valuable time so you can have more meaningful discussion during your interview.

4. Complete support

We stay in close contact with our candidate throughout the entire interview process. This enables us to give them all the support they need, uncovering any new questions or concerns that may arise. This also enables us to understand how they are feeling about the opportunity and how they might be progressing with other interviews with other companies.

5. Post placement coaching

Funded by Sondertec. Our investment back into our community. We do this for two reasons. First, within DevOps and Agile there is a clear need to focus on human skills with the same intent as technical and process skills however few people or companies are doing this. Second, this gives us an opportunity to address any concerns or issues and reduce the risk of things not working out.

This is good for everyone involved.

The Sondertec difference

We love tech. We love humans. We love what we do.

Humans first

The recruitment industry has a reputation for a poor experience for both candidates and clients. Typically filled with junior people who don’t understand the tech, the culture or the complexity of your world.

We want to change that and we are leading the charge for recruitment to evolve and add more value.

The future of work is now

Automation is enabling DevOps as a Catalyst for Agile to deliver quality software. These increasingly collaborative ways of working are breaking down silos and need a shift in Mindset.

This is where the latest Tech meets the best in Humans and this is the area that excites us.

We love tech

We’ve been in the industry a long time and have seen the rapid rise of tech. We understand the reality of working in collaborative teams delivering projects and how conflict can either derail things or become a creative force.

Unique assesments

Our Four Quadrant assessments ensure we are matching candidates with employers in Mindset, Behaviors, Culture and Systems to ensure the best fit.

Pre & post placement support

We have a unique program called ‘Better Way’ that provides candidates access to our network of highly experienced, skilled and trusted Psychotherapist coaches. They provide a mix of one on one and group coaching for people working in teams. All candidates are matched with a personal coach to upskill them so they can quickly contribute in their new role and address any concerns they may have.

We invest and set our candidates up for success.

Humans for humans

At Sondertec we are passionate about people and planet. We align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals so we can have a positive impact on not only the lives of our candidates but of those less fortunate than us.

That is why when one of our candidates is placed with you, you will also be helping someone else locally or abroad – whether it be planting trees, buying goats for a family for income, sending girls to school for the first time or providing solar panels to remote villages.

Once we have made the donation related to each of your new hires you will be updated via email to let you know how you have also helped someone else. Sound good?

All the projects we have donated to are constantly updated and visible on our website.

We are an Agile and DevOps recruitment specialist. Get in touch to get your position filled.