The Candidate Experience

Are you a DevOps or Agile practitioner looking for meaningful work?

The future of work is now

At Sondertec we recognise that most people want more than just a job. No longer does anyone want to be referred to as resources, human capital or a number.

Most people aspire to work with a company that not only reflects their values but where they also feel valued and find work meaningful. And that winning outcome is exactly our goal for all candidates.

Create Win-Win

We believe win win situations should be the norm because we aim for that it works for everyone. When we find that perfect combination where your values are aligned to that of your employer and the work you do.


How we work?

We deeply believe in our motto, “Humans First. Tech second” and stand by this in all we do.

Afterall happier humans ultimately deliver better outcomes at work and at home/ or personal lives, making better friends, partners, parents and contributors to our world. That’s why we have developed a unique candidate care program called ‘Better Way’ that all candidate and contractors placed by us automatically have access to.

We focus on you first to find the perfect fit including values, culture and of course tech. We know you’re passionate about tech, we are too, and so we need to match you with an employer who is using a stack that excites you – so we’ll only present opportunities that meet your preferences in all areas.

Our recruitment process

Our goal is to create an unrivalled candidate experience that not only matches you with your dream job but also provides an ongoing support program to help you upskill so you can thrive in your new role.

1. Our first chat

We will meet and discuss what type of role you are looking for. We’ll identify where you want to be going in your career and what’s important to you in your work environment. We can discuss any suitable roles that you may want to explore.

2. Present CV

Only once we have agreed that you would like to pursue a particular opportunity, will we present your CV to the client.

3. Pre-interview coaching

You’re an expert in what you do however every employer is different. When an interview is scheduled, we will work together on pre interview coaching to make sure you are well prepared and confident.

We understand that interviews aren’t your day to day experience and some people get nervous so we will prepare you with some winning strategies to make sure your mindset is ready for success.

4. Complete support

All interviews are different and we appreciate it’s sometimes the little things that can make a big difference throughout the interview process. We are there every step of the way to discuss how you feel after every interview. We want to make sure you’re enjoying the discussions and that you can see yourself working with the people you meet.

5. Post placement coaching

We have partnerships with a network of highly experienced, skilled and trusted coaches that specialise in working with leadership and teams.

We pair you with one of these to be your personal coach, addressing any concerns you may have as you start your new role however the real benefit is that they can help you upksill in how to communicate and collaborate more effectively and navigate conflict for a creative outcome - some call these humans skills or Social and Emotional skills.

This is your secret weapon for success.

6. Humans for humans

At Sondertec we are passionate about people and planet. We align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and want to have a positive impact on not only the lives of our candidates but of those less fortunate than us.

That is why when you are placed by us you will also be helping someone else locally or abroad – whether it be planting trees, buying goats for a family for income, sending girls to school for the first time or providing solar panels to remote villages.

Once we have made the donation related to your placement you will be updated via email to let you know how you have also helped someone else. Sound good?

All the projects we have donated to are constantly updated and visible on our website.


Call or email our team today to get your next Agile or DevOps role.