Team Development

Coaching delivery teams to become high-functioning

High-functioning Agile and DevOps teams remain crucial to a successful digital business transformation. But gaps or mismatches between mindsets, behaviours, team culture, ways of working, and business practices are major barriers to these teams thriving and creating value.

Business agility requires more than just Agile ceremonies and processes. Sustaining a transformation requires a shift in your delivery team members’ mindsets and behaviours. We don’t teach Agile or Scrum. We augment the process skills and practices of product owners, delivery team members, Agile coaches, and scrum masters. We enable these practices to be implemented successfully in your business.

Your teams will be developed through an eight-unit program, running over eight months. Each unit includes a team workshop and individual coaching, either in-person or virtual:

Self management:

Mindfulness, presence, and Reflective practice

'Rules of play’

Constructive Behaviours, Social Contracting, and Behavioural norms.

Interpersonal Skills

Emotional acuity; Speaking from I, and Empathic listening

My Blocks to effectiveness

Unconscious demotivators and my Immunity to Change.

Team effectiveness

Collaborative Decision-making practice, stakeholder mapping, and leadership.

Ways of Working #1

Agile and DevOps applications and experiments.

Ways of Working #2

Visual Management and Management Reporting.

Outcomes include:

  • Measurably higher levels of intra-team trust and cohesion through vulnerability, honesty, disclosure, understanding, and compassion
  • Increased knowledge, skill and willingness to address interpersonal conflict and differences of opinion for generative resolutions
  • Clarity about decision-making processes, authorities and accountabilities in the team, allowing people to be committed to their own work and collective outcome
  • Accountability for individual work and team outcomes leading to organisational learning and improved performance

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