Leadership Alignment

Coaching executive teams to create direction, alignment and commitment.

Complex and Volatile business conditions are resulting in traditional roles and reporting lines being blurred…

This requires people to navigate through increasingly Uncertain and Ambiguous environments to deliver on goals. This is especially true for companies that are going through a Digital Transformation, using technology as the catalyst to deliver Organisational Agility and Business Sustainability.

Leadership is occurring when direction, alignment, and commitment exist in a business:

  • Direction: Agreement on what the collective is trying to achieve together.
  • Alignment: Effective coordination and integration of the different aspects of the work so that it fits together in service of the shared direction.
  • Commitment: People are making the success of the collective (not just their individual success) a personal priority.

With many competing demands, the executive team needs to deliver on each of these points without the dysfunctions of power and politics getting in the way.

Our approach is a bespoke designed, immersive, and experiential development process, generally occurring over 9 to 18 months.  We focus on lifting individual development and team dynamics to higher levels of functioning to improve collaboration, politics, and relationships. The process features leadership team observations, alternating individual executive coaching, and intact team workshops delivered by our psychotherapeutically trained coaches.

Outcomes include:

  • Vertical development of individual executives, for higher levels of thinking and better decision making.
  • Better quality strategic relationships across the executive team, so the real conversations are had, and collaboration becomes possible.
  • More mature executive team dynamics and more robust social processes allow for strong governance and risk management.
  • Well-understood and agreed ways of working in the executive team for greater coherence and sustainable business agility.

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