Our Own Good Humans

Kevin Spence, Founder Director

With 25 years’ technology experience, in companies of all sizes, in various verticals, across three continents I’ve seen first-hand the challenges of creating environments where people thrive.

I have worked in Tech start-ups for a number of years and then moved to a large global services provider where I was fortunate to work with General Electric across EMEA then when I moved to Australia, I was dedicated to NBN. For both clients, I was leading large teams to deliver programs and projects including software and hardware, professional services, managed services, and staff augmentation.

While leading and delivering these large-scale programs and projects, I saw the effects that the dysfunctions of power and politics had, not just on performance, but on people too.

This is why I started Sondertec, I knew that there had to be a better way to align organisations and create high-functioning environments that reward the development of good humans – supporting this creation from an initial recruitment process to team and leadership coaching.

What drives me

Whilst researching technology trends and recognising that whilst automation today is enabling the provision of infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines to deliver quality software there will be a huge social and economic impact in the years to come.

I became fascinated by economic systems, contributing funding to trials on basic universal incomes and exploring how businesses could best evolve to meet future needs.

Imagining this future world I will be a part of, I discovered the importance of Sustainability and realised a responsibility to contribute in some small way. For two years I was a Director of the United Nations Association Australia (NSW) and built a team of talented individuals to raise awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with local charities, government agencies and corporate organisations.


Brent Sheridan, Consultant/Coach

I have been working in or consulting to organisations in mining and metals, energy, banking and finance, health, NFP, and hospitality and tourism sectors since the late 1990s. During this time, I have specialised in business transformations and individual and organisational capability development. My focus has been to increase leadership, improve structures and systems, and lift individuals’ interpersonal skills and levels of strategic thinking.

My orientation is primarily psychological; I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and have trained in psychotherapeutic practices. I apply these insights to organisations, creating large and small-scale processes that support organisational step-change in effectiveness and productivity. I help people work together more effectively to produce new business processes to handle multiple, often conflicting demands.

What drives me

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work. Over a lifetime. It seems to me that this time should be as harmonious and fulfilling as possible.

I care deeply about the work I do because I want to be able to look back on my life and know that I have done something worthwhile. I would be ashamed to discover that I had merely played the game of ‘he-who-dies-with-the-most-stuff-wins’.

I know that people can be more effective, productive, and fulfilled when at work. That makes more productive, sustainable, and effective organisations. If we are to survive, let alone thrive as a civilisation, we need more effective and sustainable organisations.

Declan Brady, Consultant/Coach

I’m a highly skilled organisational transformation consultant utilising a depth of knowledge that spans Org. Development, Leadership Development, Systems Thinking, Complexity, Lean & Agile, Depth Psychology, Theories of change, Team/Group dynamics, Mindfulness and Neuroscience.

My particular area of interest is in assisting executives and senior leaders to develop individual and collective capabilities by developing cultures of mutual respect, trust, collaboration, responsibility and support that are values based and results focused.

I love to work on long term engagements where he can develop personal and trusting relationships with those who he assists.

I work either one-to-one in a coaching/mentoring capacity or with teams/groups wanting to increase their level of personal and team functioning. I like to think I am pragmatic and down to earth in my approach.

I am a registered clinical psychotherapist and supervisor with PACFA, holding accreditations in several teams and leadership development instruments, with an honours computer science degree. I began my career as a software developer in London, working in investment banking.

I transitioned into coaching when I moved to Australia, and then to organisational development while also training to become a Gestalt Psychotherapist. I have previously specialised in working with trauma using somatic and neuroscience approaches.

What drives me

I am driven to do this work because I believe that as people develop and grow, they expand their sense of self to become more inclusive of others. This fosters greater collaboration, compassion and care for others and the planet that we call our home.


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