Humans first.
Technology second.

Tech Recruitment specialists. We know tech is only as
good as the humans that build it.

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It’s time for recruitment to evolve.

We all know recruitment is supposed to be about humans however in the world of Tech it’s been more about just checking the right boxes for tech skills.

While we appreciate tech skills are essential, we want to flip the industry to address the emerging gap in human skills – we think recruitment is perfectly positioned in the process to help address this. So how do we do this?

By taking a step back and focusing on the bigger picture as well as looking forward, at emerging trends and needs of the future.

We believe that as technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, we need to learn to become more human.

Humans first. Matching our candidates with clients on values, mission and culture. Then assessing tech skills second.

DevOps and Agile practices are enabling companies to innovate and deliver higher quality software faster to meet changing market needs. To ensure success team members need to communicate effectively and collaborate efficiently.

And that is why focusing on the individual first is so important. It is clear from the data that the availability and retention of skilled, passionate, happy humans will be the deciding factor in adaptability and competitive advantage.

At Sondertec we have developed proprietary processes to assess for both soft skills and technical skills. Providing the best outcome for our candidates and clients.

Who do we work with?

At Sondertec we have a particular passion for Sustainability and believe we can make a difference in our small corner of the universe through recruitment.

That’s why we choose to work with ethical companies who are contributing to our local and global communities. We work for the good humans that are helping to build our future. DevOps and Agile practitioners who love what they do and care about people and planet... like us.

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